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Many don't know, but the release of fitness/lifestyle wear has been on my to-do list since the inception of my brand in 2018. One very important lesson I had to learn with my process was TIMING, and I am excited to present the FIRST S(H) PERFORMACE Limited Release drop on Black Friday! I wanted to offer a unique approach to athletic wear and do so in a way that is true to who I am and a fierce representation of you all. My approach encompasses personality, energetic hues and transitional appeal. With this said, meet our first S(H) personality MAYA. Maya in three words? AUTHENTIC. BOLD. FEARLESS.

Maya features a medium support, eye catching sports bra + high-waisted, sweat wicking pants with accentuating seams that hug ALL your curves.

As you see here, Maya is in Sol Yellow, but due to unforeseen challenges, I switched the color palate just for you, so Maya will come in the following colors: Light Green, Vault Blue + High Plum.

The sizes are as follows:

Top - S, M, L

Bottom: XS. S, M, L

I am wearing a medium top + a small bottom.

I did mention "limited release" in the description, this means there is a set number of each item, in each color, in each size. Once Maya is sold out, she is gone and most likely wont be restocked so make sure you are READY on 11/27! Each item will be sold separately and NOT as a set. Maya is just one of many things you will find in the S(H) Shop on Black Friday so... I'll see ya'll in a few weeks!

much love + with all the style I know,


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