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Oh, you thought that was it... lol

I told you that I was going to give you feels... hoping to inspire you all to wear M A Y A in your own way. This is what Strong(H)er is about, being exactly who you are and being you in a audacious, authentic way. I want to see M A Y A in hundreds of different ways, used as a BOLD statement of what you were created to say! Like I said before, the color palette is different, but the feels remain the same. I purposefully didn't do behind the scenes footage... I wanted the to pictures to tell a story and invoke feeling... hence, F E E E E L S.

Get ready, S(H) squad! I wanna see what you got! For available sizes, release date and further details, see previous S(H) PERFORMANCE blog post!

Much love + with all the style I have,


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