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Hey, Quarantine!: Growth from COVID-19

We all watched as the world slowly began to feel like many terrifying movies we have seen. In the wake of the pandemic surrounding the Corona Virus, we were all forced to abandon our routines and sit still. We left our jobs, our businesses, schools, everything. For so many of us, all felt it had ended.

Personally, there were so many ideas and goals that I had on my plate, since last year, and I constantly told myself that I didn't have time to get them done. I was too busy. I am seeing now how I was busy but I was also distracted. Life happened, work happened and somewhere in between, I happened. Since the quarantine, I've had an abundance of what I couldn't seem to find before, F O C U S + T I M E. I had goals of creating ways to connect with my followers and those of you that seek my guidance as a coach, and If COVID-19 has taught me anything, it is how I need to get out of my own way.

I have used much of this time away from it all working for you guys, even with my birthday coming up in two days! I am super excited to be launching online and virtual services for you guys! It is my birthday present to you all, thanking you for your patience, for constantly asking me about virtual training and how I could partner with you guys along your fitness/health journey. YOU all helped me expand in many ways. I hope you enjoy the space and items created especially for you.

P.S. You have a dream in your mind and a passion in your heart. If you don't quite know what your dream is, use this time to identify it. If you know what your passion is, use this time to WORK toward stewardship over it.

Much Love,


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